Igor Grubić East Side Story 2006–8 (detail)©Igor Grubić

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Igor Grubic

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Igor Grubic, East Side Story  2006–8

East Side Story 2006–8 is a two-channel video installation that juxtaposes documentary footage with a re-enactment of that footage through the medium of dance. The documentary film combines television footage taken from two separate gay pride events that took place in Grubić’s native Croatia, one in Belgrade in 2001 and one in Zagreb in 2002. At both these parades the participants became subjected to verbal and physical abuse, as well as organised violence coordinated by groups of neo-Nazi supporters. Passers-by who happened to be at the scene also became involved, joining in the acts of violence, resulting in footage that is both disturbing and uncomfortable to watch. Grubić alternates scenes from the two events on one screen. On the second screen (placed on an adjacent wall to the first) is a re-enactment of these events by a group of dancers based in Zagreb. There are four dancers who each make their own interpretation of events by mimicking certain movements and postures witnessed in the television footage. The dancers perform both as individuals and in a group, in the same locations where the original film footage was shot. The work was exhibited at the eleventh Istanbul Biennial What Keeps Mankind Alive? in September 2009, as well as in Grubić’s solo exhibition at MMC Luka, Pula, Croatia in 2008.

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Igor Grubic East Side Story 2006–8