Sarah Sze, Seamless, 1999. © Sarah Sze

Sarah Sze Seamless 1999 © Sarah Sze

Room 11 in Materials and Objects

Sarah Sze

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Sarah Sze, Seamless  1999

According to Sze, ‘sculpture... can cultivate the value of a concrete experience in space, in real time.’ It also ‘plays with things such as space, touch, location, intimacy, and memory... the way in which we experience movement... and the resulting revelation of specific moments in time that only physical space can create.’ This sculpture was first shown in Pittsburgh, US, at the Carnegie International exhibition in 1999. Displayed for the first time since, it has been reconfigured to respond to the specific space of this gallery.

Gallery label, April 2022

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Judith Rothschild, Untitled Composition  1945

Between 1944 and 1947, Rothschild completed a number of paintings in a very pared-down style consisting of bold lines and flat blocks of colour. These works combined references to objects with geometric abstraction. They reflect her growing interest in the work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, who had moved to New York in 1940. Mondrian’s gradual transition from figurative subject matter to pure form offered Rothschild a model as she explored the boundary between still life and abstraction.

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Piet Mondrian, No. VI / Composition No.II  1920

An early example of Mondrian's pure geometric abstraction, this painting dates from his involvement with the De Stijl group. The strict use of horizontal and vertical lines and primary colours with black and grey is characteristic of De Stijl. Mondrian's aim to evoke a spiritual equilibrium was influenced by the mysticism of Theosophy, which sought universal order. He had been working with chequerboard grids before he began this painting, which introduced greater variety. He told van Doesburg: 'now I do not always keep to the proportional division'.

Gallery label, August 2004

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Sarah Sze Seamless 1999
T11810: Untitled Composition
Judith Rothschild Untitled Composition 1945
T00915: No. VI / Composition No.II
Piet Mondrian No. VI / Composition No.II 1920