two video projections in a dark room, on the right two people kiss. The left screen is split into four with two pixelated portraits, a blue screen and arabic text

Photo © Tate (Joe Humphrys)

Akram Zaatari

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Akram Zaatari, Dance to the End of Love  2011

Dance to the End of Love 2011 is a video installation by the Lebanese filmmaker and photographer Akram Zaatari comprising four projections with sound and lasting twenty-two minutes. It is made up of found YouTube footage of Arab youths that have filmed themselves and uploaded their films on the internet. Referring to this work and other related video pieces, Zaatari has noted that ‘all of these films were produced on the eve of what is today referred to as the “Arab Uprising” [or Arab Spring]’ (quoted in MUSAC/MUAC 2011, p.73). Seen from this perspective, the work explores the potential of the internet, and specifically of social media platforms such as YouTube, as spaces that are both intimate and public, as well as the production and sharing of individual experience in parallel with major political and social events.

© Akram Zaatari, Courtesy the artist and Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Beirut / Hamburg. Installation view, The Uneasy Subject. 2011 MUSAC Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y León.

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Dance to the End of Love
Akram Zaatari Dance to the End of Love 2011