Ana Lupas The Solemn Process 1964-2008 (1964-74/76; 1980-5; 1985-2008) © Ana Lupas

Ana Lupas The Solemn Process 1964–2008 Oli Cowling © Tate Photography Tate 2016

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Ana Lupas

Ana Lupas, The Solemn Process  1964–2008 (1964–74/76; 1980–5; 1985–2008)

The Solemn Process 1964–2008 is a large-scale installation comprising twenty-one unique metal sculptures of varying dimensions and forms, as well as two large wall vinyls, each displaying a grid of forty sepia-toned images. It was created over a period of five decades by Romanian artist Ana Lupas. The photographs feature a series of straw objects in rural, agricultural settlements. Some of the images are also populated by people who interact or pose with them. The objects in the photographs are the same shape as the metal sculptures, suggesting that there is a direct relationship between them despite the different materials and their presence in the gallery. Indeed, the two vinyl panels and the sculptural objects can be seen as discrete elements that directly relate to the three phases in which the work was made: the first between 1964 and 1974 and into 1976, the second between 1980 and 1985 and the third between 1985 and 2008. These three phases relate to the changing social and political situation in Romania.

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T14526: The Solemn Process
Ana Lupas The Solemn Process 1964–2008 (1964–74/76; 1980–5; 1985–2008)