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A Conversation with Light and Form Rana Begum 19 May – 30 September 2018

Level 3

Rana Begum No. 799 Floats © Rana Begum Studio

The works in this room respond to themes in the collection displays or the temporary exhibitions programme

Rana Begum born 1977, Sylhet, Bangladesh, explores colour, light and form and the way in which these interact. Blurring the boundaries between sculpture, painting and architecture, her work ranges from drawings, paintings and wall-based sculptures to large-scale public art projects.

Begum is influenced by the geometric abstraction of minimalism and constructivism and the work of artists such as Agnes Martin, Donald Judd, Jesús Rafael de Soto and Tess Jaray. She is also inspired by the use of repetition in Islamic art and architecture, and the way in which light filters through architectural features such as pierced screens to create optical and sensory effects.

Seeing beauty in functional materials, Begum often uses objects from daily life and transforms them into something else. In this instance, fishing nets stretched across the wall become less about their function and more about the geometric patterns that define them, and the shapes of floats inspire an array of abstract plaster forms.

As part of Tate St Ives Artists Programme, Begum participated in a residency at Porthmeor Studios, St Ives in March 2018. The new works in this exhibition respond to the specific contexts she encountered and continue her research into light and form.

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