Tate St Ives Shop

Explore our range of books, gifts and postcards inspired by artists and the local landscape

Tate St Ives, Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, Cornwall TR26 1TG
A person stands to look at a book in the Tate St Ives shop

photo: © Rikard Österlund

Artists and the local landscape are the focus of the shop at Tate St Ives, with its wide range of books, gifts, postcards and greeting cards. We also stock jewellery, our own collectable Tate St Ives mugs, and a wide selection of children's books.

Tate St Ives print series

Tate St Ives produces prints to accompany its exhibition programme. Editions are sold throughout the year. Over 70% of the profits from print sales are invested in our education and exhibitions programme.

a person holds some pottery in the tate st ives shop

photo: © Rikard Österlund

Admission information

Please wear a face covering unless you are exempt.


Tate St Ives
Porthmeor Beach
St Ives
Cornwall TR26 1TG
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