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Queer and Now The Queer Art of Family

Neil Kenlock, ‘Black Panther school bags’ 1970, printed 2010
Neil Kenlock, Black Panther school bags 1970, printed 2010. Tate. © reserved

Consider the role art in queer homes plays in inspiring a brighter future for our young people

UK Black Pride is celebrating its 15th birthday by exploring the theme “Home”. Join co-founders Lady Phyll and Moud Goba in a live digital conversation from Steve McQueen’s Year 3 exhibition at Tate Britain, about the way art and creativity can help nurture care, hope and pride inside queer family homes. 

They’ll be joined virtually by Melz Owusu, founder of the Free Black University, to consider how art in education can ignite young queer people’s power to create a brave and bold future for themselves. 

Everyone’s welcome to speak up and speak out at this digital queer family event.

Portrait of Lady Phyll wearing a black shirt and red necklace


Lady Phyll (She/her)

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah (Lady Phyll) is the nucleus of UK Black Pride. She speaks widely on race, gender, sexuality and class and is executive director of Kaleidoscope Trust.

Twitter @MsLadyPhyll
Instagram @ladyphyll

Portrait of Moud Goba wearing a black shirt with white flowers

Moud Goba (She/her)

Moud Goba is a Zimbabwean lesbian and refugee residing in the UK. She’s a founding member of UK Black Pride and is Micro Rainbow’s Project Manager.

Moud was named in the top 100 most influential LGBTI people in the UK by The Independent (2015) and received the Attitude Pride Award.

Twitter @MsMGoba
Micro Rainbow Instagram @microrainbow

Portrait of Melz Owusu wearing a pink hoodie and black vest, standing in a schoolyard

© Will Stanley Film and Photography

Melz Owusu (They/them)

Melz is the Founder of the Free Black University. Their work disrupts traditional Western approaches to knowledge production and validation by exploring the radical Black imagination and building transformative worlds.

Instagram @melzdot

UK Black Pride

Founded in 2005, UK Black Pride is Europe’s largest celebration for LGBTQ people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent, and is a safe space to celebrate diverse sexualities, gender identities, gender expressions and cultures.

Twitter @ukblackpride
Instagram @ukblackpride

Kaleidoscope Trust

Established in 2011, Kaleidoscope Trust works to uphold the human rights of LGBT+ people in countries where they are discriminated against or marginalised due to their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression.

Twitter @kaleidoscope_t
Instagram @kaleidoscope_t

Free Black University

Free Black University believe education should be an incredibly freeing and liberating experience. It encourages the development of radical, imaginative, and transformative knowledge that can truly change the world, creating a space where the healing and wellbeing of Black folk is at the heart of the educational experience.

Twitter @freeblackuni
Instagram @freeblackuni

Online Event

This event will take place via zoom

A live recording will be made for Tate's archive. Parts of this recording will also be used in the next Queer and Now online festival in February 2021.

Date & Time

8 October 2020 at 19.30–20.30


During this event there will be:

  • BSL interpreter on screen, you can pin the view of the interpreter to enlarge them on the screen
  • Live-captioning
  • Audio descriptions, including in-text captioning for all artworks featured

A full transcript of the conversation will be made available on the event page after the event.

The use of different acronyms and language with reference to identity throughout this programme express the personal wishes of each individual or group involved in the  Queer and Now  festival.


Free with ticket

Advance booking is essential

Zoom ID and password will be sent over email before the event begins along with instructions for connecting. Please ensure you use the same name and email address you book with when joining the event.

By booking a ticket, you agree to the Queer and Now safe space agreement.

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