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Territories Disrupted: Asian Art after 1989

Two-day symposium by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea (MMCA) and Tate Research Centre: Asia (TRC: Asia)

Held at the MMCA in Seoul, this symposium explored Asian art after 1989, with a focus on how political and economic changes corresponded with the changes in artistic practice and its reception. Among the issues the symposium wishes to address are: democratic movements and their challenges, the questioning of the binary of cold war ideologies, and the impact of globalisation arising from the increased economic prosperity of the period. It also explored the proliferation of the representation of non-Western art in exhibition making on global platforms and the emergence of a new generation of artists as well as feminist practice in Asia.

Keynotes: Lee Bul (artist) and Trinh T. Minh Ha (filmmaker, artist)

Panel One: Exhibitions and Other Stories
Convener: Ute Meta Bauer (Professor, Nanyang Technological University)
Speakers: Igarashi Rina (Curator, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum), Mark Francis (curator, writer), Russell Storer (Senior Curator, National Gallery Singapore)

Panel Two: The Emergence of the New Generation
Convener: Nada Raza (Research Curator, Tate Research Centre: Asia)
Speakers: Jung-Ah Woo (Associate Professor, POSTECH), Michio Hayashi (Professor, Sophia University), Karin Zitzewitz (Assistant Professor, Michigan State University), Iftikhar Dadi (Associate Professor, Cornell University)

Panel Three: Decolonial Conditions
Convener: Whui-Yeon Jin (Professor, Korea National University of Arts)
Speakers: Patrick D. Flores (Professor, University of the Phillipines), FX Harsono (artist) and Jitish Kallat (artist)

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National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea (MMCA), Seoul


4–5 April 2017

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