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Assembly: Closing event yoga horror The Wayward Canon presents Yoga Horror

Mark Aerial Waller, Diagram for Yoga Horror 2012 Inkjet on paper

Mark Aerial Waller, Diagram for Yoga Horror 2012Inkjet on paper

Courtesy the artist and Rodeo

For the special closing event for Assembly, artist Mark Aerial Waller presents a new project in his ongoing series The Wayward Canon.

Yoga Horror  occupies the convergent space of film viewing where the gallery exhibition overlaps with cinema and social gathering. The event includes a screening of the 1945 portmanteau British horror movie Dead of Night together with specially filmed new sequences and a yoga exercise video. Dead of Night is narrated through the half remembered experience of the protagonist Walter Craig, whose recurring nightmare provides a recursive structure for a series of tales, where one form of consciousness slips into another, where horror lies within slippages of logic and perception. This new production of Yoga Horror presents previously unseen footage constructed specially for the event. It is a dynamic montage of spectatorship and memory, inviting the audience to engage with the gap between waking and dreaming, between the impossible and the real. Their unique events explore the covert languages of cinema, the shadowy half-pronounced areas where humour, horror and truth reside.

Event schedule:

6.45 – doors open
7.00 – Yoga Horror begins
7.15 – session 1 (27 min)
8.00 – session 2 (23 min)
8.30 – session 3 (35 min)
9.15 – session 4 (43 min) 
10.00 – Yoga Horror ends
10.30 – event end

Dead of Night screens courtesy of Studiocanal UK

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Date & Time

15 March 2014 at 19.00–22.30

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