Tate Britain Film

Assembly: Surface Tension

William Raban, About Now MMX, 2010

George Barber, The Freestone Drone, 2013

Lis Rhodes, In The Kettle 2012, video still

Mikhail Karikis & Uriel Orlow, Sounds From Beneath 2010–12, video still

Whether towering above London, actively engaged in the streets, or from the remote distance of a war-torn vista, this selection of films offers different perspectives on conflict and engagement. This screening will be followed by a discussion with the artists chaired by Omar Kholeif. 

About Now MMX

William Raban, 2010, 35mm transferred to video, 26 min 28 sec

The Freestone Drone

George Barber, 2013, HD video, 13 min

In The Kettle

Lis Rhodes, 2012, video, 15 min

Sounds From Beneath

Mikhail Karikis & Uriel Orlow, 2010–12, video, 6 min

Tate Britain

The Clore Auditorium

London SW1P 4RG
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Date & Time

17 February 2014 at 19.00–21.00