Tate Britain Film

Assembly: Composite II

Anthea Hamilton, Venice The Espresso Edit 2011, video still

Steven Claydon, The Ancient Set 2008, video still

Max Hattler, Sync 2010, video still

Semiconductor, Black Rain 2009, HD video still

Rachel Reupke, Containing Matters of no very peaceable Colour 2009, video still

Simon Payne, Vice Versa Et Cetera 2010, video still

Alia Syed, Priya, 2009–11 Film still

Aurélien Froment, Second Gift 2010

Ed Atkins Death Mask II: The Scent 2010

Through layering and synchronising colour, line and frame, these films span pop assemblage and enquiries into visual perception, playing on the flat surface of digital imaging. This screening is followed by a discussion with the artists chaired by curator and critic Isobel Harbison.

Second Gift

Aurélien Froment 2010–12, HD video, 8 min 35 sec

Venice – The Espresso Edit

Anthea Hamilton, 2011, video, 5 min

The Ancient Set

Steven Claydon, 2008, video, 9 min


Max Hattler, 2010, video,  9 min


Alia Syed, 2009–11, 16 mm film, 9 min

Funded by Arts Council England and Southampton Solent University. Dancer: Priya Puwar  

Black Rain

Semiconductor, 2009, HD video, 3 min

Containing Matters of no very peaceable Colour

Rachel Reupke, 2009, video, 5 min 11 sec

Vice Versa Et Cetera

Simon Payne, 2010, video, 10 min

Death Mask II: The Scent

Ed Atkins, 2010, HD video, 8 min

This programme is paired with Assembly: Composite I on Sunday 9 March 2014

Tate Britain

The Clore Auditorium

London SW1P 4RG
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Date & Time

10 March 2014 at 19.00–21.00