Tate Britain Film

Assembly: Signs and Signals

Heather Phillipson PRESSURIZATION 2012 video still

Guy Sherwin & Lynn Loo, Sound Cuts 2009, photo from Kill Your Timid Notion, Dundee, 2009

Sally Golding Live performance, Berlin Directors Lounge, Berlin 2010

Charlotte Prodger, :-* (detail), 2012, photograph: Adam Reich, courtesy Kendall Koppe

Gail Pickering, Not Yet, No Longer, performance at ICA, London, 2012. Image courtesy the artist.

In this special programme, images, objects and performance are brought together to expand the relationship between artist and audience. Featuring new and reconfigured work:

Not Yet No Longer 
Gail Pickering, performance by Rob Crouch, 2012 / 2014, 10 min extract

Charlotte Prodger, video on Hantaraz monitors and boom box, 2010 / 2014, 20 min

Heather Phillipson (featuring Edwin Burdis), 2012 / 2014, HD video and live voice, 10 min

Ghost - Loud + Strong 
Sally Golding, 2013, 16mm film performance, 10 min

Mobius Loops
Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo, 2007 / 2013, film performance for two performers, four 16mm projectors, colour gels, optical sound, photo resistors and sound mixer. Length variable.

This is the first of two Assembly screenings in the Grand Saloon, the next one is Assembly: Near and Further Contact II on Monday 24 February 2014.

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