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Common Projects 2019

What could happen if for one year, the classroom, gallery and studio talked to each other?

We are inviting a new group of 10 – 15 teachers to join us for Common Projects; working alongside artists, curators and educators, to form a collaborative community of shared conversations.

Common Projects affords an opportunity for teachers and learning curators to spend an extended period of time together through a series of six workshops taking place across the 2019 calendar year. During this time, we hope to develop an ongoing dialogue around art and education and the intersections between our respective practices, where multiple voices, ideas and approaches are encouraged, responded to and held in one room.

Common Projects Aims

  • To create and hold a comfortable and encouraging space where an exchange can occur between teachers, artists and the Schools and Teachers programme
  • To map the different sites of the classroom, gallery and studio and hunt the gaps between

Our Hopes

  • To co-host a platform where we can all take ownership of Common Projects and trust in the unknown directions that this may lead
  • To be transparent and honest in our position, aims and process
  • To be of Common Projects learning with it
  • To be courageous
  • To be flexible with these hopes as we meet and continue to get to know

If you would like to join Common Projects, please send us:

  • An expression of interest, no longer than 250 words, stating why Common Projects appeals to you
  • Something you would like to share that resonates with your practice and could offer up a starting point for your year with us. This could be abstract or concrete; a favourite artwork, a book you enjoyed reading, recommended film, approach, discussion point…
  • Your name, role and school

We welcome applications from teachers from all types of school settings and levels of experience including trainee teachers.

We are interested in teachers who:

  • Have an interest in sharing their practice
  • Like working collaboratively
  • Have a desire to explore current issues and debates in art and education in a group environment
  • Can commit to six sessions in 2019 (see dates outlined below) hosted at Tate Modern or Tate Britain, or nearby.

Interested? Please email your statement of interest, your starting point and your details to common.projects@tate.org.uk by Sunday 23 September 2018.

Tate Britain

Sessions are hosted at Tate Modern or Tate Britain, or nearby

London SW1P 4RG
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12 January 2019 at 10.00–14.00

25 March 2019 at 17.00–20.00

20 May 2019 at 17.00–20.00

15 August 2019 at 10.00–14.00

28 October 2019 at 17.00–20.00

9 December 2019 at 17.00–20.00

To take part, please email your statement of interest, starting point and details to common.projects@tate.org.uk by Sunday 23 September 2018