Tate Britain Course

From landscape to soundscape

Landscape to Soundscape at Tate Britain

Are you interested in sound art, music and performance? Have you ever thought about what sounds lie hidden in a view?

This two-weekend workshop led by composer Claudia Molitor explores contemporary thinking around looking, listening and interpreting sound. Workshop participants learn a variety of techniques for collecting and recording sound and use these to explore the view across the river from the historic site of Tate Britain. With professional singing tutor Natalie Raybould participants learn how to vocalise these sounds to others, and contribute to the creation of a new sound piece: Sounding the View that translates what can be seen from Tate Britain into a unique soundscape. Workshop participants are supported to lend their voices and perform Sounding the View alongside professional singing group EXAUDI on Saturday 23 November during an event launching Tate Britain’s new gallery spaces and collection re-hang.

No prior experience of sound art, music or singing is required only an interest in these areas and an openness to using your voice. Participants will develop new listening and vocal skills, work collaboratively to develop and perform a new sound piece, and take away a recording of Sounding the View performance. 

Claudia Molitor is a composer and sound artist whose work is regularly performed and broadcast at music festivals. She has been commissioned by the London Sinfonietta, BBC and the Royal Philharmonic Society and is a lecturer in music at the University of Kent.

Day 1

Across the city and countryside opportunities to contemplate the view is manifold, whereas listening platforms do not yet exist. During our first session we embark on a safe blind-fold walk to open up our ears and explore listening as a profound sonic experience.

Day 2

Contemporary ideas of collecting and scoring sound through graphic notation are introduced and practiced in the galleries. We explore the transmission of these sounds through a vocal workshop led by EXAUDI singer Natalie Raybould.

On the interim weekend participants use what they have learned to do their own outdoor listening, gathering and scoring of soundscapes for the final collaborative composition.

Day 3

Drawing on material collected during the interim weekend, we share our sounds, collaboratively create scores in small groups and present these to the rest of the group for feedback. We discuss the structure and form the performance of the final piece and try out ideas.

Day 4

Combining the collaboratively produced score with the score for quartet of EXAUDI singers we begin rehearsing Sounding the View for performance, which will take place on 23 November during an event launching Tate Britain’s new gallery spaces and collection re-hang.

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2–23 November 2013