Tate Britain Course

Ways of Seeing: Re-visiting Tate through John Berger

​John Berger by Jean Mohr, Courtesy of Verso Books

Explore our collection through from perspective of this celebrated writer

​This four-week series of workshops, talks and gallery tours explores and unpacks the Tate’s collection through the eyes of the late John Berger, one of the most influential British writers, critics and art theorists of the last fifty years. Participants will hear from a variety of voices connected to Berger’s work; from poetry, photography and documentary to philosophy and critical theory.

This event has been provided by Tate Gallery on behalf of Tate Enterprises LTD.

Tate Britain

19 June 2017 Tate Modern

26 June 2017 Tate Britain

3 July 2017 Tate Modern

London SW1P 4RG
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12 June – 3 July 2017 at 18.45–20.45