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Anthony McCall: Long film for four projectors

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Witness a rare viewing of Anthony McCall's Long Film for Four Projectors (1974). McCall uses film to explore ideas of space, architecture and duration – in this instance by conjuring up four walls of intersecting light. The actual work occurs in the space between the film projector and the screen. As with his earlier work, Line Describing a Cone (1973), McCall encourages a heightened sense of relational involvement with his audience as the solidity of the light is enhanced through the use of fog machines. McCall began making performances and films in the UK in 1971, moving to New York in 1973. He has exhibited worldwide in museums and galleries, as well as independent spaces including the former London Film-makers Co-op, where this work was premiered in 1974.

Supported by New Art Trust, San Francisco. Long Film for Four Projectors will be screened at Museum of Modern Art, New York and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art later in 2004.

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10 September 2004

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