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Art Now: Juneau Projects Trappenkamp

Juneau Projects 2008 relief in wood depicting a  boat with a mermaid and a centaur below it the sale depicts a bulls head a man playing the harpsichord another man brandishing a sword

Juneau Projects 2008 

Juneau Projects was established in 1999 by artists Phil Duckworth and Ben Sadler. Their work incorporates video, sound and performance-based installations that explore the desire to escape back to nature in the digital age. Early works involved the destruction of electronic gadgets in a stand-off with nature while more recently the duo have focused on maverick music making, collaborating with local youth groups to create the songs, outfits and customised instruments of two rival fictional bands. Mixing traditional crafts and customs with new technologies, from digitally generated wood carvings to woodland-themed computer games, they synthesise the old and new, city and countryside, into their own expression of folk art for the modern age. Juneau Projects have made a new installation for the Sculpture Court Commission.

Tate Britain

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7 June – 26 October 2008

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