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Melanie Gilligan, Performance documentation from The Miner's Object 2006

Art Now and commissioning agency Electra present a day of performance works that explore ideas of participation and storytelling.

Melanie Gilligan presents the European premiere of The Miner's Object, a performance which combines information and storytelling in a strange parable about the social character of knowledge.

In a new work Emma Hedditch generates and publishes texts in dialogue with the curators of Art Now, visitors to Tate Britain and others, as a means to discuss how we act and represent our participation in public life, through the cultural and political ideologies of democracy.

The Bohman Brothers offer personal responses to works on display in select galleries through a series of commissioned spoken word interventions.

Olivia Plender enacts a live ghost story from her comic book series The Masterpiece, with the help of a few audience members.

Presented for the first time as a live performance, Janice Kerbel's Nick Silver Can't Sleep tells a narcotic tale of thwarted desire through the voice of six nocturnal plants.

Art Now Live Schedule, 8 September 2007

11.00 Bohman Brothers: Gallery

11.45 Olivia Plender: Lightbox Gallery

12.30 Melanie Gilligan: The Miner's Object, Gallery 9

15.00 Bohman Brothers: Gallery

15.45 Olivia Plender: Lightbox Gallery

16.30 Melanie Gilligan: The Miner's Object, Gallery 9

Further details available on the day in the Octagon.

Emma Hedditch's publication can be found in the Octagon where the artist will be available throughout the day for one-to-one discussions about the work.

18.00 A cash bar will be open in Tate Britain Members Room

19.25 Janice Kerbel: Nick Silver Can't Sleep: Octagon, Duveen Galleries (performance will start promptly to coincide with sundown at 19.32). Limited capacity

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8 September 2007