Tate Britain Exhibition

Art Now: Strange Solution

black and white neck scarf or pocket handkerchief  pleated and then attached to the gallery wall

Alice Channer, Fourteenth Scarf Drawing 2007

This exhibition brings together five artists whose paintings, sculptures and installations take found objects, images or substances as a starting point. They then amend, transform or juxtapose these existing things or matter so there is a sense of their original use or function but also a new relationship with each other and with the viewer. Through a process of reduction and abstraction, the resulting artworks have a minimalist, even impoverished aesthetic. Often the work has a very personal, 'lived' feeling and narratives are evoked but never spelled out. The artists are Karla Black, Alice Channer, Dee Ferris, Anthea Hamilton and Katy Moran.

Tate Britain

London SW1P 4RG
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2 February – 13 April 2008

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