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BP Exhibition: Classified: Contemporary British Art

Jake and Dinos Chapman Chapman Family Collection 2002 carved figure with a ram's skull for the head with dyed red hair around the neck

How do we make sense of the world? How are the connections made and meaning formulated to bring order to our lives and why do we classify our existence? In what ways is meaning ascribed to the objects that surround us? This is a rare chance to see exceptional works by leading contemporary British artists and explore Tate's amazing contemporary collection.

This free exhibition looks at artists who use ordering systems in their work and, by exploring the human fascination with classifying things, suggests that meaning is never as fixed as we might think it is.

Other artists include Phillip Allen, Gillian Carnegie, Martin Creed, Tacita Dean, Jeremy Deller, Mark Dion, Ceal Floyer, Simon Patterson, Peter Peri, Fiona Rae, Simon Starling and Rebecca Warren.

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Classified: Contemporary Art at Tate Britain

Tate Britain

London SW1P 4RG
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22 June – 23 August 2009

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