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George Morland

George Morland, The Fortune Teller. Tate
George Morland
The Fortune Teller

This exhibition has been arranged to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the death of George Morland. It also forms one of a series devoted to English painters in which Hogarth, Turner and Gainsborough have already been represented.

The exhibition is arranged in chronological order as far as possible, but it should be remembered that a chronology of Morland's pictures is highly conjectural, partly because of the difficulty of distinguishing immature early work from scamped later work.

The main division occurs about 1791when Morland turned to painting chiefly rustic subjects. Before then he had produced largely rather sentimental urban and genre scenes, for example, Delicate Embarrassment and Mutual Confidence.

Both groups are represented here.


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31 December 1954 – 30 January 1955

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