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BSL Tour: Art Now Jesse Darling

Jesse Darling's installation, two hands coming out of a white wall holding a ladder

Installation views: Art Now: Jesse Darling: The Ballad of Saint Jerome 2018 © Jesse Darling. Courtesy the artist and Arcadia Missa.

© Tate photography (Matt Greenwood)

​Join Deaf guide Edward Richards for a tour in British Sign language of Jesse Darling: The Ballad of Saint Jerome

The artist explores identity through gender, sexuality, disability, love and companionship. Jesse Darling’s sculptures, drawings and objects reflect the vulnerability of the human body and express the desire to resist the constraints imposed on our lives by social and political forces.

The new works presented in The Ballad of Saint Jerome, revisit the story of Saint Jerome and the lion. Jerome was a fourth-century Christian scholar best known for having translated the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin.​

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Please meet in the Manton Foyer

London SW1P 4RG
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17 November 2018 at 11.00–12.00