Free entry Tate Britain Workshop

Adventure hours

Try out new ways of looking in the galleries as a family

Meet our friendly Learning Assistants in the Manton Studio who will lead you to Steve McQueen Year 3 to introduce you to fun, playful and sometimes silly ways of looking, making and exploring.

These free hour-long workshops are designed for families to be creative and have fun together. Be prepared to move around, make noise and take up space!

Steve McQueen Year 3 is a massive group portrait of 76,000 of London's 7–8 year olds. Over 3,000 schools across London took part in the project. The exhibition is free to visit and you don't need to book a ticket.

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Tate Britain

Manton Studio

London SW1P 4RG
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30 November 2019 at 14.00–15.00

1 December 2019 at 14.00–15.00

7–8 December 2019

14–15 December 2019

21–23 December 2019

27–30 December 2019

2–5 January 2020

11–12 January 2020

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