Fiona Banner – nominated

Fiona Banner has been shortlisted in recognition of her solo exhibition Your plinth is my lap at Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen and Dundee Contemporary Arts.

Fiona Banner installation Turner Prize 2002

Fiona Banner installation Turner Prize 2002
Photo: © Tate Photography, Courtesy the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

Fiona Banner installation Dundee

Fiona Banner
'your plinth is my lap' - Installation at Dundee Contemporary Arts 2002
Foreground: Concrete Poetry 2002
Behind: Trixie 1999
Courtesy Frith Street Gallery, London

Fiona Banner Full Stops

Fiona Banner
Stainless Steel Full Stops 2002
Installation at Neur Aachener Kunstverein
Courtesy Frith Street Gallery, London

Banner was born in 1966 in Merseyside. She studied at Goldsmiths College, University of London, from 1991-3. Banner explores the seemingly limitless possibilities of language, yet at the same time demonstrates how words can often fail us, exposing our inability to convey internal thoughts, emotions and experiences. Since 1994, she has created handwritten and printed texts, which describe feature films or particular scenarios in meticulous detail. Since 2000, Banner has used pornographic film to explore sexuality and the extreme limits of written communication. In the works shown in the exhibition, she transcribes the activities taking place in Arsewoman in Wonderland, an X-rated version of Alice’s fictional adventures.

Fiona Banner’s work

In sculptures and drawings, Banner shows massively enlarged full stops, presenting them as bold distinct shapes. For this exhibition, they also function as seating or objects to lean against, paralleling their role within language. Banner consistently turns to these works as a way of dealing with the elusiveness of true expression through words.

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