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Works by William Blake

William Blake, ‘Elohim Creating Adam’ 1795–c.1805
William Blake, Elohim Creating Adam 1795–c.1805. Tate
William Blake, ‘Elohim Creating Adam’ 1795–c.1805
William Blake
Elohim Creating Adam 1795–c.1805

This exhibition of Blake's paintings and drawings aims to show his work at its highest level in all the periods of its development and in each of the various processes employed by him.

The collection includes considerable loans from Mr. Graham Robertson and the Linnell Trustees. The first of these, largely composed of works acquired from the Butts collection, principally represents the period of Blake's middle life, from about 1795–1810, and the second covers the final stage from 1818 to his death. In addition to these important central features, the series is completed by a number of works from other sources.

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15 October 1913 – 18 January 1914

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