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Nick Waplington / Alexander McQueen: Working Process


This major exhibition presents the result of a unique collaboration between artist Nick Waplington (b. 1965) and the acclaimed fashion designer Alexander McQueen (1969–2010).

Providing a rare behind-the-scenes look into one of fashion’s most innovative and celebrated names, Waplington’s photographs capture the creative journey of McQueen’s final Autumn/Winter collection, Horn of Plenty in 2009. The critically acclaimed collection was an iconoclastic retrospective of McQueen’s career in fashion, reusing silhouettes and fabrics from his earlier collections, and creating a catwalk set out of discarded elements from the sets of his past shows.

Waplington’s photographs reveal a raw and unpolished side of the fashion world. Candid images of McQueen’s working process are juxtaposed with rigorously produced photographs of recycling plants and landfills to create a powerful commentary on destruction and creative renewal – themes at the heart of the Horn of Plenty collection.

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Nick Waplington on Alexander McQueen

A must-see exhibition, Waplington’s candid and personal documentation of McQueen’s creative process, captures the spirit and essence of the fashion designer’s work. Raw, bold and thought-provoking, Waplington’s photographs provide a unique insight into one of the most celebrated fashion collections in recent history.

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10 March – 17 May 2015

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