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Late at Tate Britain: December 2014

Late at Tate Britain: December 2014 with Rinse FM

December Late at Tate Style Brokers

Cav Empt at Late at Tate

Late at Tate Britain: December 2014 - Ben UFO

Late at Tate Britain: December 2014 - Venus X

Late at Tate Britain: December 2014 - Koreless

Spoony at Late at Tate Britain December 2014

Rinse take over Tate Britain to present an evening exploring futuristic frequencies in music and fashion in partnership with a number of names*  to celebrate 20 years of creativity and innovation, using the Tate collection as inspiration. The evening tells the story of how the radio station, the cities and the nation of this small island have played a significant role in the shaping of youth culture throughout the globe.

Join in: #LateAtTate

Rinse curate a narrative of trends and cycles in music and fashion, brought to life via a selection of creators and commentators. The programme includes:


SOPHIE and Koreless 
North Duveens

A blend of extreme pop fantasies from the ever mysterious producer SOPHIE, who shifts tectonic plates of pop with sounds often aligned with J-Pop and K-Pop, plus washed out electronica from Koreless with visuals from contemporary digital artists:

Royal College of Art student Eva Papamargariti, a Greek architect and new media artists whose projects take the shape of time-based media and explore themes of motion and destruction.  

Claudia Maté, co-founder and curator of Cloque, specialises in new media and online art. Her works encompass a variety of formats including programming, 3D, video, animated GIFs and sound. 

Daniel Swan uses iconography that litters popular culture throughout the ages and recycles them to create a narrative where time is no longer a barrier to his vision.

Katie Torn's ideas are distilled into polygon characters like custom-made 2nd life creature trapped in short story loops.

Jack Addis creates 2nd life pieces such as Shadow Boxing; alongside digital sculptures from Vince McKelvie


20 years of Fashion
1840 Room

Join us for a panel discussion of leading creatives to discuss trends, cycles and bridges of influence between music and fashion over the last 20 years. Featuring fashion designers Nasir Mazhar and Katie Eary, promoter, DJ and creator Venus X, DJ Spoony, Ben UFO and Rollo Jackson. Hosted by Guardian style writer Dean Kissick.


Shape Studio
South Duveens

Tate Collective London and artist Joceline Howe invite you to a live fashion studio inspired by the constructivist shapes and colours of artist Marlow Moss. Inhabit the fashionable world of shapes, experiment with geometric props and costumes to create your own response. Look out for a curated selection of photographs on Tate Collectives' Facebook page, and don’t forget to share your images using #shapestudio.  

Tate Collective London is part of Circuit, led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. 


Style Brokers
Room 1840

An exclusive screening of Style Brokers by Stroma Cairns, daughter of Duffer designer Marco Cairns. The documentary focuses on the evolution of Duffer of St. George, a brand which pioneered the UK streetwear scene as we know it today.

Clore Studio

Free but ticketed
Tickets available from 18.00 at the Clore Studio Entrance on a first-come-first served basis

Step inside and become a ‘player’ in ROOM. One audience member, 15 minutes. It’s an interactive story. It’s a waking dream. Everything is live and improvised in response to your imagination, where anything can happen. Inspired by old school literary based computer games. 

Cav Empt
1840 Room

Fledging Japanese clothing label Cav Empt (C.E.) launched in 2012 by Sk8thing and Toby Feltwell recreate a recent collection showcase for the Tokyo Fashion Week with live performance from Rezzett. 

Rinse Rooftop

Panoramic installation of photographs of the Rinse FM HQ rooftop where it all began by Sheffield-based photographer Shaun Bloodworth, known for his stark, industrial and unapologetically British imagery. 



Free but ticketed
Tickets available from 18.00 at the Clore Foyer Entrance on a first-come-first served basis

Masterclasses from 3 seminal British producers of the past 20 years, each breaking down one of their pivotal tracks and talking about the technology and cultural factors which shaped their approach to production:

19.00–19.45 Krust, co-founder of the prolific Full Cycle crew

19.50–20.35 MJ Cole one of the most revered producers of the garage era

20.40–21.25 Mumdance producer of new forms of post millennium genres

About Late at Tate

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