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Towerblock Tracks Scottee

Towerblock Tracks - RadioCity

Ruth Barnes - RadioCity

We’ve all dreamt of those songs we’d like to be washed up on a desert island with. RadioCity artists Scottee and Ruth Barnes invite you to be the centre of attention by recording a series of special programme finding out about the songs that mean something to you.


Towerblock Tracks with Ruth Barnes

Monday 12 January
Tuesday 13 January

Towerblock tracks with Scottee

Wednesday 14 January
Thursday 15 January
Friday 16 January



Scottee is an artist that is not easily definable; broken limbs, sequin jumpsuits, a big heart, a strong head and piles of fake eyelashes feature heavily in his work. 

He is currently the Associate Artist at Roundhouse and Duckie, he won Time Out Performer of the Year in 2012 and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends.

Ruth Barnes

Ruth Barnes presents the UK's only all female new music playlist, The Other Woman, on indie new music network Amazing Radio. She also writes and presents music documentaries forBBC Radio 4 and can often be seen ranting about the state of the music biz on Sky News.

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12–16 January 2015