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Powerful, beautiful and inventive, the Victorian era was a golden age for sculpture. Tate Britain’s exhibition Sculpture Victorious celebrates some of the most astonishing and lavish works produced in this groundbreaking period

Exploring the original techniques and materials developed during this time, the exhibition brings to light the ingenuity and creativity of the Victorian age. In a period of unparalleled innovation across industries, Victorian sculpture profited from ground-breaking new materials and methods that created a thrilling and cutting edge environment for Victorian sculptors.

The exhibition includes many extraordinary objects, from magnificent marble, limewood and ceramic sculpture shown at the Great Exhibitions, to exquisite jewellery and silverwork, and ornate carving of beauty and wonder such as Monti’s Veiled Vestal. Works from the exhibition touch on all aspects of Victorian life, exploring domestic politics, the reach of the empire, and the impact of the scientific and industrial age.


Revered works such as Frederic Leighton’s An Athlete Wrestling with a Python and Hiram Powers’s The Greek Slave are to be enjoyed alongside lesser-known artists such as Mary Watts and William Reynolds-Stephens. As well as offering an opportunity to explore some of the Victorian eras most cherished and groundbreaking works, Sculpture Victorious provides an in-depth exploration of the artistic and historical developments of one of Britain’s most prolific eras and is a feast for the eyes.

Banner image credits: Thomas Longmore and John Hénk Elephant 1889 © Thomas Goode & Co. Ltd., London

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25 February – 25 May 2015

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The Henry Moore Foundation and Tate Patrons

The Henry Moore Foundation and Tate Patrons

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