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Alex Pilcher: Art Gallery Gaydar

John Gibson, ‘Hylas Surprised by the Naiades’ 1827–?36, exhibited 1837
John Gibson, Hylas Surprised by the Naiades 1827–?36, exhibited 1837. Tate

Hear about the the challenges of uncovering queer art’s story

Was the Welsh neoclassical sculptor John Gibson one of the family? The author of A Queer Little History of Art (Tate Publishing, 2017) Alex Pilcher talks about a hunch, and the challenges of uncovering queer art’s story when the evidence is seldom direct.

A book signing follows the talk.

The use of different acronyms and language with reference to identity throughout this text express the personal wishes of each individual or group listed in the programme for the ‘Queer & Now’ festival

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24 June 2017 at 17.00–18.00