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Conserving Contemporary Art: NANORESTART

Tate NANORESTART team members Dr. Angelica Bartoletti and Rachel Barker carrying out the cleaning treatment of Lichtenstein’s Whaam!

Hear about the groundbreaking nanotechnology used to conserve Roy Lichtenstein’s Whaam!

Chemist Piero Baglioni joins Bronwyn Ormsby and Rachel Barker to discuss recent findings from the NANORESTART research project.

Drawing on nanotechnology, Tate and its partners across the European Union have developed innovative materials to clean and conserve modern and contemporary art. Learn about the potential of these technologies and how they have helped protect some of the twentieth century’s best-known artworks.


Piero Baglioni

Prof Piero Baglioni is a professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Florence and director of the Italian Research Center for Colloid and Nanoscience (CSGI). He is the Principal Investigator of the NANORESTART project.

Bronwyn Ormsby

Dr Bronwyn Ormsby is Principal Conservation Scientist at Tate. She manages the Conservation Science and Preventive Conservation section of Tate's Conservation Department.

Rachel Barker

Painting Conservator Rachel Barker carried out the conservation treatment on Lichtenstein's Whaam! After 20 highly successful years at Tate, she has recently established a private conservation practice in London, with a focus on modern and contemporary paintings.

The NANORESTART project (2015-2018) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 646063.

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