Tate Britain Talk

Digital Artist Show and Tell In association with QUAD, Derby

Come and hear from four artists who have recently developed their art practice in the digital domain, through a training partnership with QUAD in Derby. 

From 13.30–14.15 there will be a short introduction from each of the four artists. Following this there will be a hands-on session which visitors can drop in to at any point.

Sam Metz practices within performing arts. She will be sharing movement work where participants are invited to engage and create sequences through a mix of sound recording and technical apps. 

David Booth is a sculptor currently exploring statistics and data. Participants will be able to engage with data capture and see how visualisations can respond to it. This will be mapped on David’s sculptural work.

Laura Mossop is an illustrator, currently experimenting with live photo editing. Projection mapping will be used to stimulate different responses. 

Farhad Berahman is a photographer, currently exploring socio-political issues with refugees. He will be working with Isadora and After Effects to create an interactive way of viewing and experiencing the work.

The event aims to explore current practice and see how artists are making work in experimental ways through digital platforms, programmes, devices and data, particularly where this involves audience participation.

Tate Britain

Taylor Digital Studio

London SW1P 4RG
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Date & Time

16 November 2015 at 13.30–16.30