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Library & Archive Show and Tell Liver and Lights A Chronicle of Strange Times

Image of man posing as a scarecrow

Liver & Lights No 56. One Shoe Michael, a London song cycle 2018. Photograph © Chiara Ambrosio​

Liver and Lights is the collective name for John Bently’s long running series of art in book form

Evolving dramatically over the course of its 56 editions in 34 years (so far), from punk poetry fanzine into DIY manifesto; from a celebration of discarded things into a celebration of discarded communities, from heartfelt memorial to ranting pamphlet, the series functions as a repository of low budget reprographics and an uncompromising chronicle of real lives lived in strange times.

Liver and Lights also incorporates a wide range of one-off works of art and related projects, most notably the band Bonesandtheaft, who interpret and illuminate the books through music and live performance, augmented by handmade recordings, props, stage sets and costumes.

This Show and Tell will explore highlights from the series alongside other related publications from Tate Library selected by John Bently, with Jane Bramwell, and Anna Golodnitsky.

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Date & Time

7 December 2018 at 12.00–14.00