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Queer in the Tate Archive

Two people in the archive looking at a book

Explore queer identities and representations in Tate’s Archive

Find out how queer identities and representations are revealed (and concealed) in Tate’s Archive with Archive Curator Clare Sexton. View selected items relating to artists who lived queer lives or are connected to queer cultures, identities or experiences. Including material from Henry Scott Tuke, Keith Vaughan, Duncan Grant, Ethel Sands, Edward Burra and Barbara Ker-Seymer.

The use of different acronyms and language with reference to identity throughout this text express the personal wishes of each individual or group listed in the programme for the ‘Queer & Now’ festival

Tate Britain

Date & Time

24 June 2017 at 14.00–18.00

Display open throughout the afternoon with two 30-minute tours at 15.30 and 17.00