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Show and Tell: Women’s Voices in Audio Arts

Black and white photograph of a woman looking at her reflection in a vinyl record

Photograph of Julia Heyward for Live to Air volume of Audio Arts Magazine (Tate Archive: TGA 200414/2/99)

Join us as we explore women’s voices and sound works in Audio Arts Magazine Lucia Farinati in conversation with Jean Wainwright

From the volume Feminist Issues in Contemporary Art (1979) to the publications of several interviews with artists including Laurie Anderson, Tracey Emin, Rose Garrard, Susan Hiller, Mary Kelly, Tina Keane, Georgina Starr, Mona Hatoum, Runa Islam, Silvia C. Ziranek (to mention just a few) Audio Arts Magazine featured a significant and diverse spectrum of women’s voices.

Through a guided presentation of recordings selected and presented with Jean Wainwright, a former interviewer of Audio Arts, this sound seminar will invite participants to engage with the voices and the sound works of women artists who featured in Audio Arts Magazine. A temporary display of archive material, including letters, tape cassettes, photos and ephemera from the Audio Arts collection (1973-2007) will introduce the audience to the cultural context in which the dialogue with women artists was developed across different generations, backgrounds and artistic practices.

This event is part of Activating Audio Arts Archive a research project initiated by Lucia Farinati in collaboration with Kingston University and Tate Archive, which investigates the history and the legacy of the Audio Arts magazine through the narration of four episodes constructed around the presentation of original material selected from its archive.

Temporary display presented by Clare Sexton (Tate Archive) and Lucia Farinati (Kingston University)

About the Show and Tell Programme

The Show and Tell programme invites visitors to explore highlights from the Library and Archive collections. Previous highlights have included letters, sketchbooks, artists’ books, catalogues, ephemera, photographs, and other special collections.

Each month’s display is curated to a specific theme or collection and includes a guided talk from the Library and Archive team, as well as occasional guest talks and performances. Show and Tell displays provide a unique viewing and handling experience highlighting art and ideas found in the Library and Archive collections.

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Date & Time

7 June 2019 at 12.00–14.00