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Show and Tell: Zine collection Launch

Tate Library Zine Collection

Join us as we launch Tate Library’s zine collection

Tate library began collecting zines in 2014 in order to develop the library’s artists’ books collection and to explore a wider scope of self-publishing within the arts. The zine collection has since grown and is now being launched as its own distinct collection.

Zines are diy self-published documents rooted in a wider context of radical and political self-publishing. Zines are low-skill and cheap to make and as a result they represent alternative narratives and a wide range of experiences not ordinarily found within mainstream art publishing.

This Show and Tell will feature a range of zines from the library’s newly launched collection from fanzines, art zines, comic zines, photozines and perzines. These zines explore activism, politics, punk subcultures, and contemporary diy self-publishing.

This event will include an introductory talk by the Library team and guest artist talk by Soofiya beginning at 12.30pm.

Material selected by Holly Callaghan and Nicola Cook (Senior Liaison Librarians).

About the Show and Tell Programme

The Show and Tell programme invites visitors to explore highlights from the Library and Archive collections. Previous highlights have included letters, sketchbooks, artists’ books, catalogues, ephemera, photographs, and other special collections.

Each month’s display is curated to a specific theme or collection and includes a guided talk from the Library and Archive team, as well as occasional guest talks and performances. Show and Tell displays provide a unique viewing and handling experience highlighting art and ideas found in the Library and Archive collections.

Tate Britain

Date & Time

2 August 2019 at 12.00–14.00