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Soapbox: Art workshop on ‘Liberty’: What are the boundaries between public and private space?

In this event we’ll be creating stories about ‘liberty’ – what it means to you and how your views might respond to the ideas raised in the workshop. 

This session takes its theme from an external project called Tate à Tate: the ‘condition of England’?

This is a social history walk that links Tate Britain to Tate Modern via a number of cultural and political landmarks.

Along with looking at artworks within Tate’s collection and materials developed for Tate à Tate: the ‘condition of England’?, you are invited to bring an object with you to the workshop that symbolises something about ‘liberty’. This might be a book, a photograph, a medal, a letter – anything as long as you can carry it!

This session is part of an ongoing series. The subject for the next session is up to you to decide! 

What is soapbox?

Soapbox at Tate Britain is an opportunity for people near or beyond the age of 60 to meet, to air opinions and share discussions on life and art.

Soapbox explores links between social issues that are important to you and the work of artists from our collection that are on display at Tate Britain. Soapbox will challenge your thinking and offer you the chance to say what you feel in a supportive and friendly group.

Tate Britain

London SW1P 4RG
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Date & Time

13 May 2015 at 11.00–13.00