Tate Britain Workshop

The 8-14's Studio with marikiscrycrycry


Hotter Than A Pan, 2018.

Performance,  Voices - An Event by Baltic Triennial 13, South London Gallery

Courtsey the artist and Baltic Triennial 13"

Hang out with artist marikiscrycrycry and explore the Tate Britain collection

Artist marikiscrycrycry brings their studio to Queer and Now Festival. Get inspired at by their work and the artwork on display at Tate Britain. marikiscrycrycry is an artist that works with choreography. They draw on black and queer culture to explore things like race, gender, society, the body, freedom and choice.

We encourage young people to explore art and idea to take ownership of the gallery. Drop in anytime between 2-5pm.

Photograph of a family event at Tate
Photograph of a family event at Tate

Tate Britain

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23 June 2018 at 14.00–17.00