Tate Britain Workshop

Queer Zine Making Workshop

Selection of zines displayed at a recent Tate Library and Archive Show and Tell

Photo by Holly Callaghan

Cut and paste your own DIY art histories

Using photographs, letters, images, and text from the library and archives you can rip it up and start again, creating your own queer narratives.

Zines are self-published publications with a history rooted in DIY cultures, created as an al-ternative to mainstream publishing. The workshops introduces the basics of zine making, ex-ploring different types of queer zines in the library’s growing zine collection, in collaboration with zine collections from London School of Communication Library. Zine makers will also have the opportunity to add their completed zines to the library’s special collections.

Drop in event, no booking required.

Tate Britain

Date & Time

23 June 2018 at 14.00–16.00