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Francis Bacon and Maria Lassnig Summer School led by artist Jai Chuhan

Join artist Jai Chuhan to explore depiction of the human form in architectural spaces, inspired by the dramatic paintings of Bacon and Lassnig as a starting point for critical engagement and creativity. Participants will focus on using paint and colour in a balanced yet dynamic manner, portraying the figure within a confinement of space, looking at themes including death, ageing, self-portraiture and crucifixion, all of which a feature in Bacon’s and Lassnig’s work. Jai Chuhan will also offer insights from her own art practice in guiding participant to create work. Her paintings locate the body in shifting interiors, involving notions of control and voyeurism. She will be joined by artist Jasmir Creed whose psycho-geographic paintings map city spaces.

Tate Liverpool

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Liverpool L3 4BB
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8–10 July 2016

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