Tate Liverpool Exhibition

The Other Side of Zero: Video Positive 2000

The Other Side of Zero – Video Positive 2000 installation view Tate Liverpool, 2000

Over the last ten years, Video Positive has established itself as Britain's premier showcase for artists' work with video and new technology. As part of this, Tate Liverpool in partnership with the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology is staging three newly commissioned large-scale video works by Monika Oechsler, Dryden Goodwin and A.K. Dolven.

A.K. Dolven's Looking Back was filmed above the Arctic Circle and features three elderly women walking backwards across a dramatic landscape. The film has been slowed down giving the work a quietly graceful and nostalgic feel. Dryden Goodwin's multi-screened video, Wait, comprises a series of video fragments from real-life situations featuring people waiting in anticipation for different events, the nature of which the viewer can only guess. Monica Oechsler's Johari's Window is a four-screen projection exploring the psychological drama within an all-female poker game.

Tate Liverpool

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4 March – 1 May 2000

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