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Conservation Talk Vivian Suter

Vivian Suter, Nisyros (Vivian’s bed) 2016–17 © Courtesy of the artist and Karma International, Zurich and Los Angeles; Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels; House of Gaga, Mexico City; and Proyectos Ultravioleta, Guatemala City

Find out about the conservation of Vivian Suter's work

Dirt, rainwater, animal tracks and more unusual elements can be found in Vivian Suter’s abstract paintings. To coincide with her exhibition we’ve invited Rachel Scott and Harriet Pearson from Tate’s conservation team to discuss Vivian Suter's unconventional paintings and how their conservation presents a unique challenge.

Since 1982, Vivian Suter has lived and worked in the tropical environment of Panajachel, Guatemala. After a severe storm flooded her studio and affected her works, she decided to embrace the influence of nature, intentionally leaving her paintings outside. This talk will look into how she made these paintings and will provide a glimpse behind the scenes to show the installation process and the difficulties of working with unusual materials.

Tate Liverpool

4th floor auditorium

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Liverpool L3 4BB
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Date & Time

23 January 2020 at 18.00–19.00