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Film screening: FULL Followed by a discussion with the filmmakers

Film still from FULL 2013

Join artists Carol Mavor and Megan Powell for a screening of their short film FULL. The screening will be followed by a group workshop and discussion inspired by the themes explored in the film and led by Mavor, Powell and Tate Collective Liverpool.

FULL is a film about ten-year old Ivo does not want to grow. Carol Mavor and Megan Powell's black and white film is chock-full of gorgeous imagery of cocoons, sprouting mushrooms, butterflies feeding with their coiled tongues, a field planted with two hospital beds, an empty nest being torn in two, a bowl of over-spilling milk, a mother, a father and a boy. With the combined sensibility of Chris Marker's La Jetée and Francesca Woodman's photography, the viewer is taken through the drama and terror of a boy who prefers not to eat.


  • Introduction
  • FULL screening (39 minutes running time).
  • Discussions, introducing the themes of ‘speaking through the body’ and ‘collaboration’. Participants will look at films including Eleanor Antin's Carving: A Traditional Sculpture (1972); Collier Schorr's Jens F (2005); Ellen Gallagher's Host (1996) and Sally Mann's Rupture (1994) amongst others to continue and develop discussions.
  • Group workshop on ideas of doubleness and authorship.

Tate Liverpool

The Clore Auditorium

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Liverpool L3 4BB
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Date & Time

11 October 2014 at 14.00–16.00