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Forgotten Futures and the City

Forgotten Futures and the City at Tate Liverpool

What is the human in production?

Join Liverpool Hope University in Tate Exchange for a week-long interactive arts hub that will reflect on responses from nursing home residents and investigate their connections to the city of Liverpool.

Stories about memory, identity and transient places will be told across a series of films, images, performances and discussions, all of which have been shaped by insights offered from people living with dementia in nursing homes. Forgotten Futures and the City has been devised specifically to acknowledge the lack of personal agency residents often experience once they are confined to a place with residential care.

Research shows older people in residential care are often completely isolated and cut-off from the vibrancy of the city. Rather than stimulating the act of reminiscence, this project has been devised to create an intervention that will encourage those who are living in care to re-claim a sense of interaction with their city and consider, even dream, about its future.

Programmed with Liverpool Hope University, a Tate Exchange Associate.

Tate Liverpool

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19–25 March 2018