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If They Spend The Time to Get to Know Me

If You Spend The Time To Get To Know Me in Tate Exchange, Liverpool

Facial Nerve Harp (detail) Vic McEwan 2019

Come face to face with your face at Tate Liverpool

If They Spend the Time to Get to Know Me is an interactive installation from artist Vic McEwan focusing on facial nerve paralysis. These conditions can affect facial expression, speech and vision and they can significantly change a person’s appearance. This means that people experiencing facial nerve paralysis often face stigma and discrimination.

McEwan explores these experiences through an audio-visual installation and an interactive 3D workshop using a 3D scanner and 3D printer. Visitors will be able to contribute by having their face 3D scanned, 3D printed and added to the project.

The project has been developed by McEwan in creative partnership with healthcare professionals and patients from the Sydney Facial Nerve Clinic, Australia. It is a first stage outcome as part of McEwan's Practice Led PHD at the University of Sydney.

With thanks to Vic McEwan, Lead Artist; Dr Susan Coulson, Supervisor; Dr Claire Hooker, Supervisor; Dr Paul Dwyer, Supervisor; William Maish, Participant Collaborator; Dr Glen Croxson, Participant Collaborator; Daniel Griffiths, 3D Scanning Technician; Michael Petchkovsky, Artistic Assistance; Richard Manner, Technical Assistance; Dr Clive Parkinson, Auxillary Supervisor; Professor Gabrielle Ivinson, Auxillary Supervisor; Sarah McEwan and Kimberley Beattie, Assistance in Tate Exchange.

If They Spend the Time to Get to Know Me has been made possible by the assistance of Create NSW, University of Sydney, The Cad Factory, The Sydney Facial Nerve Clinic, Manchester Metropolitan University, The Myer Foundation, Nelson Meers Foundation and Artec 3D.


Vic McEwan is the Artistic Director of The Cad Factory, an innovative arts organisation based in regional NSW, Australia. Through this organisation, McEwan explores experimental and contemporary arts practice in partnership with diverse sectors. McEwan's practice involves working with sound, video, installation and performance with a particular interest in site-specific work. He is interested in creating new dynamics by working with diverse partners and exploring difficult themes within lived experience. McEwan aims to use his work to contribute to and enrich broader conversations about the role that the arts sector can play within our communities.

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3–22 March 2020