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Jackson Pollock Jazz Evening Join us for an evening of live jazz and delicious food

David Fishel Band Trumpet Player

David Fishel Band

© John Middleton Photography

To celebrate the opening of Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots we are delighted to invite you to a unique evening of ‘Pollock Jazz’. 

Jackson Pollock, widely considered to be one of the most influential and provocative American artists of the twentieth century, created the masterpieces so familiar to us whilst listening to his beloved jazz music. 

On the evening, the Martin Smith Band will be performing songs taken directly from Jackson Pollock’s jazz collection for you to enjoy. A vibrant mix of early jazz, you will hear the likes of Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday alongside other much loved favourites.

Tate Liverpool’s café will undergo a dramatic transformation to evoke the atmosphere of the traditional jazz club. The café will be serving a range of delicious dishes for you to savour including crispy calamari with aioli and spicy meatballs in a rich tomato, sharing platters and a variety of nibbles.

Tate Liverpool

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Liverpool L3 4BB
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Date & Time

4 July 2015 at 21.00–22.45