Tate Liverpool Workshop

Optical Spaces

Optical Spaces at Tate Exchange Liverpool

Image courtesy of Alex Jukes

Colour, line, form, repeat! Discover the characteristics of op art through interactive installations

In response to our free Op Art in Focus display, Edge Hill University, BA Animation Department, present two interactive installations, focussing on illusion, repetition, geometric forms and colour.

The Installations

Optic Space Block is a suspended animated cube from which to play and experiment with spatial illusion. It combines aspects of 3-D CGI technology, projection, fine art and public interaction, using aspects of colour, space and illusion design techniques to explore ideas of a physical and perceptual space.

Light Edges, Dark Spaces is a screen-based installation that enables visitors to directly manipulate images by interacting with a live camera feed. In this collaboration with Indifferent Engine and Cypherdelic, geometric structures formed from lines and shapes, expand the components into light, movement and time through animation.

Tate Liverpool

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26 February – 3 March 2019