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Remix: contemporary art and pop

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Since the 1960s, the DJ technique of remixing has been used to bring together a wide range of influences and is at the heart of our sampling culture. In Remix, pop music and art history are a resource to be plundered, and the works of art in this exhibition reflect a DJ mentality of nostalgia, irony and fandom.

Remix is an exhibition that is visually and aurally dynamic, creating multi-layered connections between visual art, music, film and music videos. The exhibition includes paintings, videos, sculptures and installations by twenty international artists who engage with genres as varied as psychedelia, techno, rock, heavy metal, soul, hip hop and film soundtracks. The collective euphoria of crowds, clubbers and pop audiences is explored in works by Doug Aitken, Andreas Gursky, Mark Leckey and Rineke Dijkstra. The excitement of performance is explored in Andrea Bowers' video installation featuring players on a complex karaoke dance routine machine and Gillian Wearing's video of air guitarists. Fandom and the fascination with pop celebrities is the subject of paintings by Dexter Dalwood, Gary Hume, Bod Mellor, Chris Ofili and Elizabeth Peyton.

The remix attitude is explored in works with numerous musical and visual references by Angela Bulloch, Rodney Graham, Ricky Swallow, Wolfgang Tillmans and Julian Opie. Music videos are a vital part of the exhibition and include influential works from the 1990s by acclaimed directors such as Chris Cunningham, Hammer and Tongs and Jonas Akerlund for performers such as Fatboy Slim, Björk, Radiohead and The Chemical Brothers.

Tate Liverpool

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Liverpool L3 4BB
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24 May – 26 August 2002



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