Tate Liverpool Workshop

The Power of the Railway Journey with the University of Liverpool

The Power of the Railway Journey in Tate Exchange Liverpool

© Junjie Xi, the University of Liverpool 

An opportunity to discuss and debate the new railway era

Train travel retains a romanticism that is lost from much of modern life. A railway journey allows us to visit family and friends, it provides the opportunity to read and is a time to relax and reflect.

In Tate Exchange share your memories from railway journeys and look to the future as we explore the following questions:

Has the speed of railway development changed our understanding of a railway journey?
Does railway development reflect the power of a nation?
Does the power of economy represent the power of the people?

Encounter a photography display featuring the work of Fuchun Wang. Wang is a photographer based in Beijing, China, who has documented Chinese people’s journeys on trains for over 40 years.

With the University of Liverpool.

Tate Liverpool

Tate Exchange Liverpool

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
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20–26 April 2020

Tate Exchanges opens at 13.00 on 20 April