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Project25 Tate Collective Producers

Celebrate 25 years of young people’s programming at Tate Liverpool

During the week-long residency in Tate Exchange, Tate Collective Producers will present our responses and ask for your contributions regarding the future as we look towards the next 25 years and 2019-2044. We will look at issues that are relevant to us and our peers including: What will the world look like in 2044? What will be the jobs and careers of the future? And what will be the impact of the reduction of art and creative activities in education?

About Tate Collective Producers:

In 1994, Tate Liverpool launched a pioneering and innovative young people’s programme called Young Tate, inviting young people to engage and participate in gallery led programmes. The programme led to a new way of working for the gallery, with young people developing and delivering programme for young people. Fast forward twenty-five years and this programme, has continued to run and has developed into a high quality, successful, peer led programme across all Tate sites. Further information here.

Tate Liverpool

Tate Exchange Liverpool

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
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18–24 February 2019